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Scale of EU insurance-related legislation revealed

An analysis of how EU legislation impacts on the insurance and long term savings industry has been published today by the Association of British Insurers. The in-depth ‘mapping exercise’ identifies … Continue reading

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Companies must encourage whistleblowers says Economist Tim Harford

One of the UK’s leading economic commentators opened this year’s Airmic conference with a challenge against received wisdom and a call for companies to make whistleblowing easier. During his opening address … Continue reading

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Could ADR have protected Lloyd’s in battle against the Rolling Stones?

By Charles Gordon, mediator and arbitrator with JAMS International, and Samantha Collins, DLA Piper. The Rolling Stones were “deeply upset”, after leaked court documents revealed confidential medical information on the band … Continue reading

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Theilgaard tells risk managers, “don’t treat climate change as a ‘Doomsday’ scenario”

Alternative sources of energy are not new technology, but we need better ways to integrate diverse energy sources into the electrical grid. Such problems can provide opportunities for companies to innovate. Jesper Theilgaard

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Report highlights insurer concerns over 3D printing technology

The insurance market’s concerns over the complexity of supply chain and product liability issues have been raised in a new report on 3D printing technology. The report from law firm … Continue reading

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Independent study reflects Ombudsman concern over claims handling

By Simon Penny, head of insurance at DST The general insurance market is more competitive than ever. Customers face a wide array of options when deciding which insurer to choose, … Continue reading

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Crawford report highlights importance of scenario planning

Published in advance of the Association of Insurance and Risk Managers Conference 2015 which opens today, Scenario planning and adapting to emerging risks; A risk manager’s essential guide, analyses six key risk areas to reveal the latest practice by corporates.

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Election 2015: ABI reminds parties of industry priorities

Ahead of the General Election on Thursday 7th May, the Association of British Insurers reminded policymakers of its priorities for the next parliamentary session. Regardless of the outcome next week, the … Continue reading

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Asbestos lung cancer victims who smoked may see claim values reduce

“The case is of interest to insurers, as the 30% contributory negligence deduction is a higher deduction than those made in Badger (20%), Shortell (15%) and Horsley (20%). Bearing in mind the relatively high value of many such claims, the savings can be significant.

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The Claims Portal in review 2014

Could RTA claim notifications be set to peak in 2014? We analyse the Claims Portal’s dashboard data to crunch the numbers. Ever since the data began to be collected in … Continue reading

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